Program Line 2: PharmaNL Human Capital

A significant boost to the Human Capital agenda is necessary to effectively realize the growth that the PharmaNL program will bring about, combined with the ongoing regular growth of the sector.

PharmaNL therefore actively focuses on establishing a coherent, strengthened, more hybrid, and lifelong learning-contributing educational offering with international appeal. This will be built upon the existing educational offerings and specific initiatives such as those of various professional associations, local vocational schools, universities, and the Education Consortium, which are already involved in developing new curricula. It will also build upon and collaborate with training institutions such as the Biotech Training Facility, Paul Janssen FutureLab, Life Cooperative, and the Drug Discovery Lectureship in Oss.

In this program line, PharmaNL will further inventory the existing training offerings and strategically strengthen them. More information about the program and the current subsidy rounds can be found on the ZonMw website.