PharmaNL launches multi-year ‘Shared Development Infrastructure’ subsidy program of 57 million euros

News November 10, 2023

PharmaNL, an initiative for the Dutch pharmaceutical sector, is launching the ‘Shared Development Infrastructure’ subsidy program. The aim of this program is to further develop and make the existing infrastructure for the development of promising innovative pharmaceutical products and production technologies in the Netherlands more accessible. PharmaNL is making 57 million euros available for this subsidy program.

Structure of the subsidy program
The PharmaNL Shared Development Infrastructure program has been developed by ZonMw in recent months in consultation with PharmaNL and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS), and in line with the 2022 National Growth Fund proposal from PharmaNL. It is a subsidy program to support specific investments and will be implemented by ZonMw.

Through requests for proposals (‘calls for proposals’), pharmaceutical hubs, knowledge institutions, and businesses can obtain up to 50% subsidy for investments in shared development infrastructure, provided that the relevant facilities are made available as open shared development infrastructure for at least 50%. The total available subsidy for projects in the program is 57 million euros.

Hubertus Irth, PharmaNL board member representing Leiden University:

“We are very pleased that PharmaNL, with its shared infrastructure and human capital action lines, can make an important contribution to structurally improving the innovative capacity of the Dutch pharmaceutical sector. Our ambition is for PharmaNL to facilitate all stakeholders – the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, knowledge institutions, universities, and medical centers – to bring pharmaceutical products and services to patients and markets faster and more efficiently.”

Ton Vries, PharmaNL board member representing Campus Groningen:

”It is important that this Shared Development Infrastructure subsidy program now receives open rounds. With the start of the first projects, we also facilitate the infrastructure and technologies for green, efficient development and production of medicines for the Northern Netherlands, creating opportunities and stimulating innovation to build a strong and resilient infrastructure together with all partners within PharmaNL.”

First round
The first round, which will start soon, will involve requesting elaboration from the four infrastructure projects included in the PharmaNL proposal approved by the National Growth Fund. These four infrastructure projects include shared facilities in fermentation and molecular diagnostics, nanotechnology, medicines, and efficient screenings.

ZonMw will invite the project leaders of the aforementioned projects to submit detailed proposals, which will then be assessed.

Subsequent rounds
In 2024, the next open rounds for the entire sector will commence. Each round will have a specific call text, allowing proposal submitters to submit their applications in line with the PharmaNL objectives. General and specific conditions will apply to all rounds of the subsidy program, which will be announced prior to the opening of proposal submissions on the websites of PharmaNL and ZonMw.

More information
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