Ambition and goals

PharmaNL’s ambition is to strengthen the pharmaceutical value chain within the Netherlands and address bottlenecks, specifically by:

  • Creating a shared infrastructure for the development, scaling, and production of innovative medicines in the Netherlands, for use by pharmaceutical start-ups, scale-ups, and academic research groups. (program line 1)
  • Enhancing the pharmaceutical education offerings with international appeal and attractiveness. (program line 2)

More specifically, PharmaNL’s goals include:
1. Improving the prerequisites for pharmaceutical innovation by:

  • Establishing a shared infrastructure for medicine development: making available high-quality and innovative infrastructure facilities essential for groundbreaking pharmaceutical product and production technology developments in areas where the Netherlands has a strong position, for which the required R&D facilities and services are not available and do not come about through regular market mechanisms.
  • Increasing the number of pharmaceutical skilled workers: educating a sufficient number of appropriately qualified personnel for the Dutch pharmaceutical value chain.

2. Serving as an open central organization for new initiatives in pharmaceutical innovation, strengthening collaboration in existing initiatives and programs, and enhancing the innovation climate for companies and knowledge institutions in the Netherlands.